2019 Fall Newsletter Water District # 1


  • Problems with pump control. Our radio communications from the storage tank to the pump house have not been reliable. We’ve had to turn pumps on/off manually.  We are looking into an alternative method for pump control.
  • The Variable Frequency Drives, (VFD’s) installed last year were overheating and shutting down. We’ve been operating with the cabinet door open to facilitate cooling. The room is small, with no ventilation, so we just installed an AC.  Hope it resolves the problem.
  • Quarterly Bills – Meter reading problems.  The meter reader that we hired last year has had too many faulty readings. We will give him one more chance.  By the way, if you know of someone who might be interested in doing this job once per quarter, have him/her contact us at the Water District Office, 845 758 4608.

****Third quarter water bill payments are due on 10/31/2019****

Payment must be received by The Town Clerk by October 31, 2019. 

Or, it will be re-levied on your 2019 County/Tax bill.    

We are updating customer account information. 

 Please send your mobile number and email address to: water@redhook.org 

 **Be sure to include your customer number and street address**

Note:  Please maintain access to your local hydrant, and to your meter register or meter pit-  REMOVE OVERGROWN GRASS, BRUSH, VINES  AND LEAVES.

Our Water Operator is VRI Environmental Services, Inc.

VRI 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Number 845-677-3839

Give your street name and house number for district #1           

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