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Repair Your Items

at the Red Hook Repair Café


What do you do with a broken lamp? 
Or with a bike when the tire runs flat? 
Or with a sweater full of moth holes? 
Toss it? No way! 

Repair Café is a free community meeting place to bring a beloved but broken item to be repaired…for free. 

Why We Do It!

●To transform our throw-away economy, one beloved item at a time

●To reduce how much stuff goes into the waste stream

●To preserve repair know-how & skills, and pass them on (re-skilling!)

●To show the people who have this knowledge that they are valued

●To feed our curiosity about "the way things work," be creative & have fun!

●To build community and sustainability

 Join us at the next Red Hook Repair Café
at the Red Hook Community Center, 59 Fisk Street

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