2018/2019 Winter Newsletter Water District #1

We hope that you all enjoyed your holiday season!

At this time all seems to be well with our water system:

• Variable Frequency Drives working as they should.

• Water Tower to Pump House communication functioning properly.

• Both wells/pumps functioning normally.

We will keep our fingers crossed.

FOR 2019: Water rate increase.

Your Water Board has requested Town Board approval of a series of increases to our water rates, i.e., 5 % per year for 5 years. We need to build our reserves. In recent years our expenses have precluded additions to the reserves.

In looking ahead 10-20 years, our water district can expect to experience major expenses with infrastructure replacement. Our storage tank and our oldest water mains will be hitting their end of life problems and replacement costs.

Our reserves, along with available government assistance will help to minimize the cost to the water district.

Comparison: Even with the projected rate increases, we will still have lower rates than our neighboring water systems.

Please maintain access to your local hydrant, and to your meter register or meter pit. KEEP SNOW AND ICE REMOVED.

Our Water Operator is VRI Environmental Services, Inc.

VRI 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Number 845-677-3839

(Be sure to give your street name and house number for district #1)

          **** Fourth quarter water bill payments are due on 1/31/2019****

NOTE: We are updating account information. Please send your mobile number and email address to: water@redhook.org 

 Be sure to include your customer number and street address.


Hank Van Parys, Chairman & Doreen Buono, Secretary

Town of Red Hook Water District No. 1

PHONE: 845-758-4608