Office of the Town Clerk - Sue McCann

7340 South Broadway, Red Hook NY  12571
Hours of Operation
9am - 4pm
Monday - Friday
845-758-4606 or 845-758-4607
845-758-0492 Fax

The Town clerk is an elected official serving a 4 year term.  The Town Clerk appoints the Deputy Town Clerk.

Every town is required by law to have a Town Clerk
The Town Clerk's office is frequently considered the center of Town Government. It is not only the office which is responsible for recording activities of the town government, but it is the central place in which are filed documents and papers vital to the lives of the townspeople.
Sue McCann, Town Clerk & Tax Receiver,
Claire Horst, Deputy Town Clerk,
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Some Duties and Responsibilities -
  • Town Records Management Officer - The Town Clerk's office is designated by state law as the Records Management Officer. Maintaining custody of all records,  Ordinances, Local Laws, books and papers
  • Town Recording Management Officer - The town clerk must attend all meetings of the town board and keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting
  • Town Filing Officer - The town clerk must file in the office of the State Comptroller a copy of the Code of Ethics
  • Resident Services- The town clerk prepares and files marriage licenses, death certificates, dog licenses, burn permits, recycling permits, sporting licenses also Notary Public services
  • Licensing/certificates/permits -  The town clerk prepares many types of licensing to include, marriage, dog, death, hunting, fishing, & recycling

Ask the Town Clerk for help with -

  • Dog License - The application shall be accompanied by the license fee and a certificate of rabies vaccination.  Proof of neutering or spaying is also required.
  • Marriage License - A marriage license can be obtained Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm. There is a $40 fee and the license is valid for 60 days.  A valid picture ID and birth certificate must shown. An example of  picture ID; a driver's license or passport.
  • Fishing and Hunting License - Fees vary according to type of license. A hunting certificate is needed to purchase a hunting licensee. Information is available at the Town Clerk Office
  • Handicap Parking - Handicap parking stickers can only be obtained at the Town Clerk's office if you are a resident of
    Red Hook. An application needs to be completed by both the resident and medical physician. No fee is required.
  • Notary Service - The Town Clerk's office offers free notary service during normal business hours.
  • Recycling Permits - Recycling Permits are for Red Hook residents only. The recycling center is open Wednesday and Saturday 8am - 1pm. Information is available in the Town Clerk's office.

Recycling Stickers and Dog Licenses are Available in the Town Clerk's Office or thru Mail -

  • Resident Recycling Sticker Info
    Please include a self addressed stamped envelope along with name, address, telephone number, license plate number and $15.00 for one vehicle and additional $3.00 for second vehicle sticker.
  • Dog License - Enclose all information ( current rabies info) with self addressed stamped envelope with license fee, and the clerk's office will mail back a dog tag and a copy of the completed license.


Photo Copies .25 per page
Marriage License Fee w/cert $40.00
Certified Copies of:
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate

Town Code Book $200.00
Zoning Book $25.00
Zoning Map Only $3.00
Highway Specifications $25.00
Subdivision of Land $25.00
Master Plan $25.00
Water District #1 Specification $25.00
Open Space $35.00
Recycling Permit -one vehicle $15.00
Recycling Permit -2nd vehicle $3.00

Dog Control

Town of Red Hook Dog License Form