Greenway & Trails

One mission of the Red hook Greenway and Trails Committee is to develop trails in natural settings for use as a resource to promote wellness, to enhance the quality of life, and to fight childhood and adult obesity.

The physical and mental health value of frequent walks has been well documented. It has been proven to be of great value in maintaining our wellness in the midst of our busy and stressful lives.

We are fortunate to have two wooded trails in our immediate area and one stone dust track oval that have parking areas and walks of approximately one to two miles. These distances and the time required to walk them seems to be comfortable and accommodating to many people. Poet's Walk is aloop of close to two miles; Fathers Trail at UTS is a loop of close to one mile; the Recreation Park is an oval one-half mile in length that cam be walked multiple times.

All of these places offer a secure parking area from which to begin and end a walk through fields and woods or through a recreation park. The Red Hook Greenway and Trails Committee is seeking similar areas to develop into trails.

If you have any land or know landowners who would consider making land available for trails of any type or length, please contact us. You may call Howie Callies at 845-758-4410 for more information.